Hey there! Hope all is well? Today has been a lovely day, the sun was shining so bright! We had lovely weather, and I couldn´t have been more thankful. I feel so alive and happy when the weather is good, it immediately changes my mood for the better. Are you guys the same? Sunshine equals a happy all smiled up ELLEN. So, what I wanted to post is an inspirational song, with a great message. I really think you guys should take a listen to it, even if you´ve heard it before. I really love it, I hope you like it too. Bob Marley is a GENIUS- a LEGEND. I LOVE Lauryn Hill and Ziggy Marleys version/duet of it though, so I choose it instead of the original. Lauryn Hill is a HUGE inspiration, she´s so talented and intelligent. She´s a QUEEN. Love her.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds”!

And remember, let NOBODY ever put you down…you deserve to SHINE because you are beautiful. Each and everyone of us is different for a reason, we all have a different message and we all have something beautiful to offer this earth. So wear your differentness because it makes you YOU, and that´s what makes you beautiful.

Let nobody ever box you in, or make you something you´re not. Don´t be a slave of reality. There are no rules to this, no “do” or “dont´s” there´s only YOU and only NOW so live your life and do what makes YOU happy.

All love and blessings!
– xoxo ELLEN