HEY, what´s going on? I woke up to lovely weather today too (yesterday was AMAZING!) and I feel so blessed! Sunshine makes me happy!!! My plans for today, well I got like a million things on my schedule so I have to get going! First shower, breakfast and then I´m off to work on mine and Maryams project, with Maryam of course haha. Should be fun! Then we´ll see where this day goes, have a lot of stuff to complete and get finished! But one thing I can assure you is, that whatever I will be doing I will try to do it outside! I will not spend this lovely day sitting inside, surfing on my computer….which means no posts today…until..maybe midnight? or sometime around that. I´ll try to post before I go to sleep! But hey, wherever on earth you are, try to make the best of this day because time is not promised and we are blessed to be alive and well! Remember every minute counts, so make the best of it! HAVE A NICE DAY, TAKE CARE! 🙂

xoxo ellen.