What up, what up what uuuuup? How are YOU doing? Hope all is well…I will not start this post of by apologizing for yesterday…yes I did tell you that I would blog before I went to sleep…BUT it was SUNNY all day long so I tried to absorb as much sun as possible lol. I´ve been missing the sun, seriously…haven´t been sunny for 2-3 months and my D-vitamin supply has been empty for way too long..(not literally, but you feel me) so I needed to take advantage of the day and enjoy it as much as possible and refill my “battery”… Please God don´t let the snow come back! I am sick and tired of it, summer please?…. Anyhow, back on track. As we “speak” I am in school, have had the the longest break ever, like 3 hours! And guess what? Just found out my english class is cancelled too, so now I have 1,5 hour extra “spare-time”…YAY, or not…I really need to study but I can´t concentrate here…I want to go home, so bad… 😦 Well let´s be optimistic, just 2,5 hourse left til I´m home.. yayyy.

To cheer myself up, and anyone out ther who need to be cheered up aswell – Watch this video I just found! HAHA, so cute!

Love and blessings… //ellen