Hello world! What´s up? enjoying life? not? Then get up, make a move, change things. It´s never too late or too early to start living the life of your dreams! All you have to do is begin! I know it can be scary, but at least TRY and START. Rather be moving forward than standing still! Progress through it, it isn´t supposed to be easy and you´re never going to “perfect” so don´t wait for everything to be “perfect” because then you´ll never begin! Just take what you have now and make the best of it! Baby steps, and you´ll get there! Just start and strive to get better day by day and you´ll end up being GREAT. So you maybe wondering what´s up with me? Well I am alive and well. I am living and I couldn´t be more thankful. Today was a beautiful day, started off with going to the movies with school early this morning! Awesome haha! Great movie, great actor! Watch “127 hours” if you haven´t! Then school, then back home to work with the project me and Maryam is doing! LOVELY WEATHER, spent the whole day on my balcony with Mari enjoying the sun, working, eating dessert, laughing and just having fun! Got to run now, have a couple of things to do! Talk to you later! Btw: TGIF! Been longing for the weekend and now it´s finally here! MAKE THE BEST OF IT! Every seconds counts.

“Do things out of love, not to be loved.”

xoxo ellen