HEY THERE! First of, sorry! Hope you´ll accept my apology? Been so busy, right after the photoshoot last saturday, I went to a dance contest called “JUST MOVE IT” with a bunch of friends! Had a blast! But got home late, and didn´t have time to blog. Sunday I went shopping with my mom! Really needed some me & mommy time, lol. Monday = School, Tuesday= School, Wednesday= one lesson, then I went back home again to pack my bags and grab something to eat then I headed back to school right in time to take the bus all the way to MALMÖ! Spent 2 days there with my classmates and the whole NV program. We had a good time, came home late thursday (YESTERDAY) and it feels so GREAT to be back home! Missed my bed, lol. And my family ofc, and my mothers food. HAHA, anyhow now it´s FRIDAY (Feel like singing “Friday, friday got to get down on friday! lol now I just did, IRL. haha) YEY. And I´m feeling awesome, I´m home right now and I´m thinking about what I want to eat. Because I´m hungryyy. And I have to keep it moving, have a TRILLION things to do mi amigos! So I just wanted to make a quick post on what I´ve been up to these past days (almost A WEEK, Oops!) and tell you that I´M ALIVE. And lastly, just let you know that I will make individual posts on each one of these “happenings” and share with a little of what I have been up to and experienced with you guys. So now I got to keep it moving! Have to run! Will definitely post later, promise! Talk to you later! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY MY FRIENDS!

xoxo ellen