Hi guys! How has your day been? Hope all is well. Mine has been so busy, I have been in town, went for a make up counseling with “my” make up artist. Learned so much, and bought a whole lotta make up!!! Oh my, spent a lot of money on it today. But I think it´s well worth it in the long run, since it´s good products and a good base to have in your make up kit. Especially when graduation and proom is coming up, as well as other “events”. But I´ll make a post about that tomorrow, where I can show you guys what I bought and give som tips if you would like that? What I wanted to write about now is that, the individual post regarding the photoshoot I had last saturday will be delayed, a while… because the photographer isn´t finished with the pictures, and she´s making a mini movie with them too… So I think I´ll post it all together in one post when the mini-movie and all the pictures are finished! Other than that, I just came back home and now I have to prepare for tomorrow. I am heading to Gothenburg with two friends for some shopping, couple of stuff to get done and dinner! So I have to wake up early tomorrow, might post something then. Now I have to get back to my business, lol… have to write on an assignment I have as well. Got a bunch of homework to deal with this week, wish me luck! Will make another individual post later! So long, people!

xoxo ellen