Hi, I have to make it quick! Went to Gothenburg today with my friend Mari. Came home, ate some food then I had to study and now I´m lying in my bed tired as I don´t know what to call it. Gosh, I am so so so stressed!!! Have like a trillion dzillion (?) things to get finished, mostly school related stuff but also some private things. And unfortunately my blog gets to suffer from this as well. But I am only human, please forgive me. I can´t do everything, all at the same time. So just give me some time and space and I´ll set everything straight! I promise, at least I´ll try my best and work my butt off to make it all as good as possible! I will try to post tomorrow…at least one post. Bare with me. Goodnight beautiful people! Keep you´re head up through whatever you´re going through, and now that this too shall pass! It will. You just have to be strong, and have faith! Oh, and pray. A lot. It helps.

Take care! God is with you! God bless!
// ellen