Since I have a couple of minutes off right now, I thought I´d do the individual post on the “Just move it” competition I told you all about. I was there 2 weeks ago or something, and we had a blast! Me and my friends went there and we met up other friends and people from the town there. Since it´s the second time/year they do the competition here in our town it´s kind of “new” if you feel me. So unfortunately not a lot of people applied, more rather went there to watch than to compete in it. Kind of sad, but I think it will get better year by year. Anyways, so just a little about the concept/competition. The “Just Move It” crew have different city competitions where people get the chance to dance in whatever category they want in front of a jury and an audience obviously. And the ones that win the competition in each town gets to meet the other winners for the big finale in Gothenburg. And that´s where the judges choose the one and only crew/team/solo dancer who wins it all: which is 20 000 swedish cronas. So I am really looking forward to the big finale. I think the finale is in the middle of April sometime. I´ve been to the finale once before, it was like two years ago and my oh my. It was AMAZING! So many talented dancers in one theater: MIND BLOWING. However we had a really good time enjoying the competition, singing a long, dancing and laughing our asses off! And there were also great artists there! Great memory! So here´s some pictures my friend took, I didn´t bring my camera and forgot to take any pictures with my iPhone. Last but not least I have a video from the competition to share with you guys! Also filmed by my friend Maryam. Just to show you a little bit of what went down. So check it out here below! And don´t forget to check in here later for more interesting posts! Have a GREAT day people!

– xoxo ellen