So I just wanted to tell you all about the school trip NV3 did to Malmö/Lund. We were there for 2 days almost. We went there to actually visit a university called: Lunds universitet. We got there Wednesday after noon, we arrived safely thank God after 5 ½ hour by bus, then we went straight to the hostel where we stayed to leave our bags, freshen up and then the buses drove us straight in to Malmö city for dinner at a restaurant. We had fun there actually! Good food, great company (finally the whole class came together for dinner) and late night walks in the city. Kind of cozy! Then we all headed back to the hostel with the buses. Not all though, some went out for “93-dagars” which means they partied because it was 93 days to the graduation. Anyways, me and the 3 friends I was staying with got to our room, changed to pajamas, watched a movie and ate a lot of candy! Then bedtime! I had the worst “sleep” ever, if you can even call it that! Oh how much I missed my bed, crazy. The next day, early wake up – ate a wonderful breakfast at the hostel, packed our bags and checked out of the hostel. Then we took the bus to Lund to visit the university! My expectations were high since I´ve heard so much good about it through the years, but I was kind of disappointed afterwards. However, after that we took the bus back home, and we didn´t arrive until late that Thursday night. I think it was a nice trip after all. The bus trips itself and all the food stops we did on the way and back made the whole trip, lol. Well, there you go! A little bit about the trip. Below here, you can see some of the pictures I took with my phone. I think the first picture I took is pretty dope! Talk to you later homies! Peace.

xoxo ellen