Good evening, lol! Everything is fine I hope? You know what? I have an idea! My idea is to try to make like one “regular” post a day where I write about me, my life and what I´m doing. And like one inspirational post a day, where I might either post a music video, a fashion tip or maybe write a motivational/inspirational text! I mean I´ve only just started with this blog thing, and I know it´s only been like regular, hey-im-doing-this-today posts but I´m thinking about expanding. Which of course is what I´ve been wanting to do from the beginning, but like it takes time to get into this thing. But I feel like now is the right time to develop into multiple categories, more variation and last but not least MORE POSTS. I will try this strategy, and at least try to do like 2 posts a daily. And if it goes well, then they will increase…trust me, lol. What do you think? Sounds good ha? Oh and if you have great ideas for posts, texts or stuff you want me to blog about. Then please do me a favor and post a comment with your ideas below, because sooner or later I will need them, lol! Let´s go!!! First inspirational, creative or whatever you want to call it post is coming soon! Check me out later! Peace and love!

“Brain light bulb” – KATCHING!