Howdy howdy! What is going on? I stayed at school a of couple hours after my last lesson, with 3 other classmates to finish an assignment we have in religion! But guess what, after we´ve made it a bit further half way through the assignment we find out that the teacher has extended the finish date with like 30 days, and since we started to lose focus after an early wake up and x hours in school we all gave ourselves a pat on the back and decided it was enough for today. And ever since I came home, which was like 3 hours ago, I´ve been so tired! Guess my insomnia is taking its toll on me now! But I have a dilemma, what should I do first? Eat, take a nap or shower? All three need to be done, obviously. But don´t know which one I should do first? See, if I eat I´ll get new energy and then I can´t sleep? The same thing happens if I take a shower first! But since I REALLY need a nap, the only right thing to do is to take that damn nap first and then shower and then eat. Or vice versa. HAHAHA, NO I´M JOKING. I´M SO KIDDING WITH YOU GUYS. Jesus, don´t think I´m crazy. I´m only being foolish. That´s all. Well well, too much about my little nap dilemma. Now you guys need to talk to me, and tell me what YOU guys are doing! Tell me what you think, what you would like to see more of in this blog. And if you think that your blog is something I should check out, well then COMMENT below! Let´s not be shy, lol! Well time to take my little nap! LATER!

– This picture kind of describes how tired I am.
XOXO ellen.