PHU! Finally back home again. Guess what? It was “shopping-weekend” this weekend in my town, and I didn´t know! CRAZY packed in the stores! People were going ham everywhere, shopping for Easter! I bought a pair of Adidas trousers, and that´s it. Nothing else really catched my eye, the shopping was quite a disappointment. Nothing really fresh in the stores. But hey what can you do? Just smile and move on. On the other hand me and my mom and some friends might be going to Gothenburg next weekend for some shopping there instead, so I´m cool. Only disturbing thing though is that I got such a headache, I´ve been feeling so dizzy ever since I woke up today and now it´s even worse! So not a win. I have to grab something to eat and drink now! So I´ll talk to you guys later! Check me out in a while, cool stuff coming up! Oh and comment below if there´s anything you want me to blog about…or just say Hi, lol! Peace out folks!

– So many people in town today, that sh*t was literally cray…
xoxo ellen.