GOOD MORNING! RISE AND SHINE SLEEPING BEAUTIES! IT´S A BEAUTIFUL MORNING, THE SUN IS SHINING AND I FEEL BLESSED TO BE AWAKE AND WELL. THANK YOU GOD! I can´t really believe it´s already April, like come on? How fast does time pass? I mean we just celebrated Christmas almost, and in a week it´s Easter. Crazy! You have to make every day count and work towards your dreams… soon this year is over too. And I´m NOT standing there at New Year’s Eve disappointed at myself, this year again – NEVER! This year I will take daily steps towards my dreams and I will NOT let fear stand in my way. NO FEAR, THIS YEAR! My fear is my motivation, whatever I´m afraid of I will try out. End of story, simple as that. I hope you guys DARE to TRY whatever you´re afraid of this year too. I have learned and am still learning that the most important thing is to try, it doesn´t matter if you fail or not. Because it takes you further in one way. I embrace mistakes; I really think they make you who you are. SO DON´T LET FEAR STOP YOU, TRY OUT WHATEVER IT IS YOU´RE SCARED OF AND YOU WILL BE SO THANKFUL LATER. IT REALLY SETS YOU FREE. I MEAN AFTER ALL WE ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE, DO WE REALLY HAVE TIME TO SECOND GUESS OURSELVES, DOUBT OR LET FEAR STAND IN OUR WAY?

– Whatever catches your eye – TRY IT – don´t let fear of failure stand in your way. Create the life you´re dreaming of. Don´t let your dreams be JUST dreams. Let your inner light shine, and remember YOU run your world!