I ate breakfast with my family and then I started cleaning. I´m such a wifey, lol. Phu, I just got finished. Cleaned the whole house, and by that I mean I vacuumed, dusted, mopped the floors and cleaned the toilets. Oh AND of course I´ve changed all the towels and sheets too, so now she whole house is FRESH! Love that feeling of freshness in a new cleaned house. Which my mom does too lol, she comes home soon and believe me she´s gonna be so HAPPY!

– I feel like BB Homemaker, lol. Except I´m not a wife, and not such A hot wife…YET. Cause I sure did not look like that when I was cleaning. I´m still young so I´m not in a hurry though, lol. Let´s just keep it WIFEY MATERIAL for a while, can´t we ladies? Our time will come and then we can look like HOT WIFEYS ALL OF US, lol.