Hey readers! Guess what? Today I went to my first job interview ever! The owner of a company/store called me the other day and asked me if I was interested in/had the opportunity to come by and do a job interview this Wednesday (today) and surprised and happy I said yes! Because literally EVERYBODY, all my friends and all teenagers in general here in town are trying so hard to find a job for the semester right now…(including me). And to have the jobs come to you is something rare and unusual. So I feel blessed and happy, I´m thankful that I got the opportunity to even TRY for the job by doing this interview. And I think it went pretty well, smoothly and nicely. Especially for being my first time ever! I thought I´d be more nervous but I wasn´t…I was up at like 6 am this morning ready to go! And ever since after that wakening, I couldn´t even sleep one bit! I woke up literally like every five minutes to see what time it was…and then when it was finally time for it, I felt like everything went by so fast! But I feels good that it´s over and done! All I can do now is to just wait, be patient and hope for the best. *Fingers crossed*

What have you guys been up to today? Hope you´ve had a good day! Oh and I´ll tell you guys tomorrow what I did yesterday evening! Didn´t have time to blog then…it´s what happens sometimes when you have a life to live…which you ALL do, so I know you understand…lol.

Another post coming soon, so don´t forget to check in here later!

– A pic I took the other day!
Love & Blessings!
xoxo ellen