I´m not feeling good at all today…right after I was finished showering, and about to get out of the shower the craziest sh*t ever happened to me. I got super dizzy, not like normal dizzy more like crazy dizzy, my vision was blurred I couldn´t see clearly and everything got super dark, my EARS all of a sudden got stuffed? And a crazy tinnitus-sound appeared… Not to mention my stomach was hurting so bad and I was shaking like an old lady. I ran out, all wet with only my towel wrapped around me…about to shout for help from my brother, because I really thought I was about to faint. But I never screamed, because he was still sleeping, I didn´t want to wake him up and I didn´t even feel like I had the strength to scream or make him understand why he needed to come down to help me. Instead I searched for painkillers all over my house, but couldn´t find none because we were out of them. Luckily I had saved 2 in my wallet, which I remembered. So I turned upside down on my wallet, popped those pills (painkillers – for headache, period and so forth) with a glass of water and ran in to the bathroom again. Sat down there for like 20-30 minutes shaking, until I felt better. Dried my body and got dressed. Then my father got home, he made breakfast to me and my brother, and after I´ve got some food in my belly…and the painkillers began to take effect I started to feel better. Now I am feeling a lot better – THANK GOD for that, but I´m still kind of knocked out and tired and I still got headache. Not trying to complain, but this was literally like the craziest sh*t I have ever felt! Anybody who ever felt the same? Hopefully not. Because it was neither nice nor beautiful, I tell you that, lol!

Anyhow, while I´m laying here in this comfy couch I might as well take advantage of it get some work done – for example write a little, write on my essays, and complete some homework and blog! More posts coming soon, so check in here later! Oh and if there´s anything you want me to blog about, comment below! TALK TO YOU LATER HOMIES! TAKE CARE.

– Hahaha, almost fainted…never said I did. I am superwoman, lol…