Love Jada Pinkett Smith! Love everything she does, because whatever it is she does she does it so authentic and real, she´s a pure beauty and a gift. She really embodies strong, powerful and intelligent. She is FEARLESS, and FIERCE. What I love most about her though is that she´s never afraid to BE HERSELF, no matter time, place, people or space! A BIG INSPIRATION to young females around the world, to women in general. Me myself among those.

Check this video out! Love this song. Oh and Wicked Evolution is Jada´s band for those of you who don´t know.

“You can leave me behind, when you find this world would be so blind. A selfishness that makes me cry, deep inside. It´s just a matter of time, we will leave this place behind, only truth should matter to us in this LIFE…Make IT matter”

All love and strength!