HAPPY BELATED EASTER! HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD ONE WITH YOU´RE LOVED ONES! I DID! I´m really sorry for the bad blogging, but as you may understand I´ve been doing other things than sitting in front of the computer. I mean it´s Easter, so I´ve been spending time with my family, loved ones and relatives. Saturday I went to church and got back late like I told you guys. Sunday I was at my grandma´s celebrating Easter with my family, cousins, grandma and my aunty. And monday was just a chill day at home, we got some guests also and ate dinner with a bunch of relatives at our house! Last but not least yesterday school kicked off again! And today I´ve been in school also…So yeah, you get the point right? hah. Now I´m laying in my brothers bed, fighting to keep my eyes open…I´m super tired and haven´t got a good nights sleep in like forever. Plus I have C R A Z Y much to do, so I really need to study! I´ll spare you the details, trust me you don´t even want to know how much I´ve got to do. I really need to focus and make it work. So time to work my ass off! But first: FOOD AND THEN POWER WALK, new energy is needed! Need to get some fresh air and clear my head a bit! Talk to you guys later! Peace and love.