Hey there! Here I am once again, lol. Sitting at home, got back from school a couple hours ago. Did some errands and fixed some stuff then I headed home. Just now, I watched an episode of ANTM and now I´m just relaxing a little bit. About to skype some with my lovely, cute baby cousins, and then I´m going to have a project meeting with my friend Maryam. We need to work A LOT on it, so I´ll probably spend my whole evening/night doing that. But I´ll try to post some inspirational posts when I get the time to! DON´T FORGET TO CHECK ME OUT! TAKE CARE, TALK TO YOU GUYS LATER!

– Me right now, foolin´around while I´m trying to show you guys my beautiful fishbread that my friend Maryam did on me today at the same time! Cool isn´t it?! Lol, you probably can´t see that much can you… well It´s looking nice, trust me!