Hello buddies! Doing good? Yes, no? Hopefully you´re doing great, if not talk to I will be more than glad to help you out the best way I can. So after school, I got home went straight in to the shower, took a quick COLD shower and now I´m alert, fresh and happy! Works perfectly against fatigue, just a tip to anyone who needs it..lol. Well since I got so alert I thought why not use this energy to get some project work done? And so I did. Now I have to grab something to eat and then I´m heading to my project mate and friend Maryam for some more work on the project. Probably what I will be doing the whole evening and night. Since the project HAS to be done this friday!!! We have to work really hard: Hard work work! Wish us luck! Will do my best to post some inspirational posts in between the project work! Take care! Talk to you later sweeties!

– Since we´re talking about hard work, I just had to post this one! It is so true. Don´t you agree?
Xoxo Ellen