HEY HEY HEY! I´ve been gone for too long, I know! I´m so sorry, but this time it wasn´t in my hands to be honest. I´ll make it quick for you guys: My computer totally shut down like 2-3 weeks ago and stopped working in the midst of the project work (if you guys remember) and I had to hand it in to the computer technician! It took a while to fix it and they had to reformat the whole HDD. BUT now it´s fixed and back home, got it thursday 4 days ago. I learned a lesson, and will definitely SHUT DOWN the computer close all the websites and documents I´ve got open from now on! The computer isn´t a supermachine even though we treat like one. AND the most important thing, SAVE YOUR FILES! I´ve always saved my things in a USB, but since mine is full I couldn´t fit more in it. Instead I decided to invest in a really expensive but well worth it external hard drive that can take thousands and thousands of files. I´ve put all my stuff from both my (old) USB and my two laptops (plus some iPhone stuff) and it´s filled like 1-2 % of the hard drive! So that´s definitely a tip for anyone in need of a good unit to save all computer/phone/music/movies/picture related things! That´s that! Back to where we were, I´m back! And I´m doing great thank God! Finishing up the PROJECT WORK – tomorrow we´re going to present our work! Wish me luck! I´m both excited and a little nervous! But it´s going to feel great to complete everything, we´ve been doing this for almost one year now! And I feel like it´s about that time! I want to focus on the rest of the school work/projects I´ve got! Not to forget PREPARING GRADUATION!!! How have you guys been doing? Hope you all are doing really good! I hope you still want to continue reading my blog despite the little residence! I´ll talk to you guys (the ones who´ve stuck with me, lol.) in a minute! LOVE AND BLESSINGS!