I´ve been thinking…and…

Back now! Got home like an hour ago took a quick shower and felt awesome! Love working out. Anyways what I want to say is that I´ve been thinking and I´m considiring changing blogplatform and maybe writing in swedish instead… those who want to read my blog but don´t speak swedish can always use google translate. Easy and quik, no one harmed. Right? But I don´t know. Haven´t decided yet. Still under investigation, lol. But tell me what ya´ll think. Feel free to comment below if you want to share your opinion. I´ll definitely take in into considiration! Check in here soon again, inspo-posts coming soon!

xoxo ellen



What´s up amigos? doing good? yes. no. Hopefully the first mentioned. I´m good too, chillin right now..I ate too much..so full right now. But my mom did like the most delicious food and dessert ever! Mmm. I´ll show you pictures later. I don´t feel like I need to count up all the things I´ve done today, neither school related stuff or private (very productive day indeed, but still) because what does that give you guys in the end? Nothing. Right me if I´m wrong! Rather give ya´ll a bunch of inspirational posts later, when I get back home! I´m out for a run with my mom, talk to you later! Adios!

– Me right now!
Xoxo ellen


HEY HEY HEY! I´ve been gone for too long, I know! I´m so sorry, but this time it wasn´t in my hands to be honest. I´ll make it quick for you guys: My computer totally shut down like 2-3 weeks ago and stopped working in the midst of the project work (if you guys remember) and I had to hand it in to the computer technician! It took a while to fix it and they had to reformat the whole HDD. BUT now it´s fixed and back home, got it thursday 4 days ago. I learned a lesson, and will definitely SHUT DOWN the computer close all the websites and documents I´ve got open from now on! The computer isn´t a supermachine even though we treat like one. AND the most important thing, SAVE YOUR FILES! I´ve always saved my things in a USB, but since mine is full I couldn´t fit more in it. Instead I decided to invest in a really expensive but well worth it external hard drive that can take thousands and thousands of files. I´ve put all my stuff from both my (old) USB and my two laptops (plus some iPhone stuff) and it´s filled like 1-2 % of the hard drive! So that´s definitely a tip for anyone in need of a good unit to save all computer/phone/music/movies/picture related things! That´s that! Back to where we were, I´m back! And I´m doing great thank God! Finishing up the PROJECT WORK – tomorrow we´re going to present our work! Wish me luck! I´m both excited and a little nervous! But it´s going to feel great to complete everything, we´ve been doing this for almost one year now! And I feel like it´s about that time! I want to focus on the rest of the school work/projects I´ve got! Not to forget PREPARING GRADUATION!!! How have you guys been doing? Hope you all are doing really good! I hope you still want to continue reading my blog despite the little residence! I´ll talk to you guys (the ones who´ve stuck with me, lol.) in a minute! LOVE AND BLESSINGS!


Working 12 to 12…

Hello readers! Hope you´re all doing great. I´m super stressed and have tons of work to get done by tomorrow….been working since 12 and in one hour I´ve been working on this project for 12 hours! Gosh!!! Have to get it done. PRAY FOR ME, seriously. I need a miracle to complete it in time…or I have to realize that I have to be that miracle to MAKE IT HAPPEN. So yeah, I got to go! Work is calling. Talk to you guys tomorrow if I have time to! Bare with me please, saturday I´m back on track with my blog! Goodnight beautiful individuals! I´m not going to sleep in a couple of hours I guess…yey! Not. Peace & Love

PS. This post was supposed to be published 19th of April, which means last thursday…. BUT guess what happened in the midst of everything. I´ll tell you guys in my upcoming post! Stay tuned…lol.

Next Up: Project Work!

Hello buddies! Doing good? Yes, no? Hopefully you´re doing great, if not talk to I will be more than glad to help you out the best way I can. So after school, I got home went straight in to the shower, took a quick COLD shower and now I´m alert, fresh and happy! Works perfectly against fatigue, just a tip to anyone who needs it..lol. Well since I got so alert I thought why not use this energy to get some project work done? And so I did. Now I have to grab something to eat and then I´m heading to my project mate and friend Maryam for some more work on the project. Probably what I will be doing the whole evening and night. Since the project HAS to be done this friday!!! We have to work really hard: Hard work work! Wish us luck! Will do my best to post some inspirational posts in between the project work! Take care! Talk to you later sweeties!

– Since we´re talking about hard work, I just had to post this one! It is so true. Don´t you agree?
Xoxo Ellen

Tired Girl.

Hey and Good morning folks! I´m in school right now. Got one lesson left, then I´m free and can finally go home. I feel super tired today, even though I got a good nights sleep (rare on school days). Maybe I overslept? Yes, that might be why. Anyhow, I will talk to you guys again as soon as I´m home! Have a nice wednesday!

– This picture kind of describes me right now.
xoxo ellen

– Don´t forget to pray tonight because God didn´t forget to wake you up this morning –

Going to sleep right now! Early wake up for school tomorrow. But I will talk to you guys tomorrow again!

– Like the picture says: NEVER lose hope, be thankful for each day and keep your faith alive. You never know what tomorrow may bring, so never give up. Trust that God will order your footsteps and dare to stride into the unknown! No fear this year, remember. God bless and Goodnight beautiful people.
xoxo ellen

4 Seasons In One Day?

Hello out there lovely people! How are you? Hope you´re all doing great! I´m good too, thanks for asking lol. Never got the time to blog yesterday. But now I´m back! Good ha! Yes. Working with the project right now, and in an hour I´m going to a project meeting to work some more with my project mate! But I´ll talk you guys soon again. Take care!

Btw: Sweden just took the world record for most seasons in one day! Today I´ve seen rain, snow, sunshine, wind, hail – EVERYTHING. I´m sick and tired of this weather…not so strange maybe? Sunshine is what I was made for, so I will definitely try to move somewhere sunnier whenever I get the chance to!

Love, ellen